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PAUL LEVINE worked as a newspaper reporter, a law professor and a trial lawyer before becoming a full-time novelist and screenwriter. Paul graduated from Penn State and the University of Miami Law School. Paul says he enjoys writing more than lawyering because he no longer keeps time sheets and gets to work in his underwear. He and his wife Renée Braeunig, a Los Angeles deputy City Attorney, live in Southern California. His first novel TO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD was adapted for an NBC movie in 1995. Following the publication of MORTAL SIN, Paul became the second author to receive the John D. MacDonald award for fiction. He wrote 20 episodes of the TV series JAG. Be sure to click the 'more writing' link on his website for some interesting articles.

The Deep Blue Alibi
A Solomon vs Lord novel

The Deep Blue Alibi

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Steve Solomon & Victoria Lord
Solomon vs. Lord (2005)
The Deep Blue Alibi (2006)
Kill All The Lawyers (2006)
Trial and Error (2007)
Jimmy (Royal) Payne
Illegal (2009)
Jake Lassiter
To Speak For The Dead (1990)
Night Vision (1991)
False Dawn (1993)
Mortal Sin (1994)
Slashback (1995)
Fool Me Twice (1996)
Flesh and Bones (1997)
Lassiter (2011)

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Paul Levine
The Deep Blue Alibi
by Paul Levine - January 2006

The Deep Blue Alibi is Paul Levine's second legal thriller to feature attorney Victoria Lord and her partner Steve Solomon. If you've read Solomon vs. Lord and enjoyed it as much as I did, then you have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Deep Blue Alibi. Well your wait is almost over, it will be released on January 31, 2006, and you won't be disappointed.

Hal Griffin, long lost family friend of the Lords, shows up needing help. The Florida police believe he shot his yacht guest, EPA official Steve Stubbs with a spear gun into the chest. In trying to help her "Uncle" Griff, Victoria uncovers long hidden family secrets wrapped up in her father's suicide. Meanwhile, Steve attemps to discover the truth behind his father's suspension from the Florida Judicial bench. In doing so, he uncovers his own supply of family secrets. With plenty of entertaining characters and an unlimited supply of witty banter, the real reason you won't be able to stop reading is the entertaining relationship between Victoria and Steve. If you haven't read Solomon vs. Lord, I advise you to read it first. Doing so will only make your enjoyment of The Deep Blue Alibi that much better.

Solomon vs. Lord
by Paul Levine - (2005)

You are going to love Solomon vs. Lord! Steve Solomon is barefoot Coconut Grove and Victoria (never Vickie) Lord is old-money Miami. He barely graduated from Key West School of Law and she is fresh from Yale. While Solomon invents his own laws, Lord sticks to real ones. No one would expect these two opposites to take on the steamiest murder trial of the century and when they do, the sparks fly. They take on the defense of Katrina Barksdale, a "grieving" widow who's been charged with murdering her wealthy husband during a kinky night of sex. Levine keeps the plot fresh with quirky characters and interesting subplots.

Levine has given us a fast paced, fun read and you won't be able to put it down. The writing is smooth and the action is blended with the perfect mix of suspense, charm and sex. This is truly one of the best books I've read this year.