Nathan Walpow

Nathan Walpow's character Joe Portugal makes commercials and solves mysteries. Nathan's characters are eccentric and believable. He also gives us a wonderful sense of place. As an ex-actor and resident of Los Angeles himself, he transports us to the Los Angeles that is unfamiliar to most people.

Death of an Orchid Lover
a Joe Portugal mystery

Death of an Orchid Lover

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Joe Portugal Mysteries
The Cactus Club Killings (1999)
Death of an Orchid Lover (2000)
One Last Hit (2003)
The Manipulated (2005)

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Nathan Walpow
Death of an Orchid Lover
by Nathan Walpow - (2000)

Death of an Orchid lover is the perfect sequel to the first Joe Portugal mystery, The Cactus Club Killings. Joe is still making commercials and raising cacti in Southern California. A member of the local orchid society has been found dead. Then a woman that Joe knows asks for his help and also turns up dead. Never one to turn away from a challenge, Joe soon finds himself embroiled in the highly competitive world of the orchid enthusiast.

Once again Nathan Walpow gives us a book with a wonderful sense of place. He transports the reader to a Los Angeles that is populated with exotic plants and eccentric real people.

Death of an Orchid Lover is filled with witty, funny and sometimes sexy dialogue. His intriguing characters will tickle your funny bone. His plots will keep you guessing until the end of the book. Don't miss the opportunity to read this delightful book. It will leave you wishing you had a friend named Joe Portugal and like me, you may find yourself surfing the Internet to find the best places to buy orchids.